How We Met

November 1, 2007

We met at work! I sat in on his interview, and immediately knew he would be bad news for my then boyfriend! There was just something about him that got me right from the start. We quickly became very close, always finding excuses to walk past each other’s desk, just to see what the other was up to. He’d make 30 trips to the water cooler, just to smile at me.

One day when I was complaining about the boyfriend at work, Justin just looked at me. He said “Lindsey, stop. I’m standing right here, arms open. I’m falling in love with you and I don’t know what to do about it.” He was right. How dare I complain to him, while he so patiently waited for me. He had asked me over and over to go on a date, to show me how much happier I could be, and finally in May of 2008, I left the ex and took a chance on Justin.

We officially started dating on July 20th, and have been ridiculously happy ever since!