Whitewater Rafting (or something like that)

by Lindsey on October 10, 2011

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If you haven’t noticed, a few weeks ago, we added a new page to our menu bar up there. We’ve created a “Life List” showcasing all the places we hope to go, and all the things we hope to do, as we spend our lives together! There are quite a few things on it today, but we also plan to add many more as we go.

Yesterday, we crossed White Water Rafting off the list!

(Disclaimer: This photo does not accurately portray the intensity of our trip)

We bought a Groupon months ago, with James and April, for Whitewater Adventures in Ohiopyle. With everything going on this summer, we hadn’t got a chance to use it. This was the last weekend before it expired, and thankfully we ended up having beautiful weather!

Unfortunately, we were incorrect in thinking we would be able to choose what level we would travel on. Instead of going on the Low (which is actually the medium) trek, we were stuck on the Middle (which is the easiest) part of the river. Let’s be honest. It was more of a canoe trip, in a rafting boat, with a few rapids along the way, but it was still really fun.

I wish I had taken my camera, or at least my phone on the boat, so I could show you the amazing views we experienced as we floated down the river. October really is the perfect time to be out there, with the leaves changing and the fall breeze blowing.  Unfortunately, the place made it seem a lot more intense than it was, and had me worried about falling in the river and losing/breaking anything valuable. Funny though, James really did fall in the river, but only because he was laughing too hard at April, who fell backward into the boat TWICE after hitting a rapid!

Overall, it ended up being an awesome day, even if we did have to ride down the baby river. Can’t wait to step it up next year!


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