The House, Phase I

by Lindsey on February 16, 2012

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I finally took some house photos! (To be honest, I had no choice, as we are making some big changes this weekend, and it was my last chance to get some before pictures!)

So I don’t bombard you or my site with photos, I’m only going to post some of the rooms. Our spare bedrooms are all in disarray, and since they won’t be updated anytime soon, I have no need to share that mess with you today :)

Here’s where we’re at currently…

Living Room

(That bright blue thing is so Bailey can get on the couch, until we get a rug that will give him enough traction to jump up!)

Dining Room

(Hi Bailey!)


We’re doing what we can with mismatched furniture and a tiny budget until after the wedding, but it is finally starting to feel like home!

This weekend my parents are coming, and we’re going to paint the living and dining rooms! I can’t wait to get some fun color on the walls, and get rid of the ugly mauve that goes through the dining room and up the stairs! I’m not sure what our flipper was thinking when he painted this house, but there are missed spots, drippy spots, and bumped ceiling spots that we will not miss!

I’ll be sure to post updates next week, after the paint dries!


*Confession: I totally moved a bunch of stuff from the dining room into the kitchen, and then back, so both rooms look cleaner than they are on a daily basis! I wish we kept it like this all the time, but that’s just not real life. If you want reality, check this post, which shows our old apartment, in it’s most natural state! We’re not quite that bad anymore though, promise!


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