2013 House Project Recaps: The Kitchen

by Lindsey on January 6, 2014

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I meant to take the month of January to catch you up on all the house projects we completed in 2013. Obviously I didn’t get it done last month, but hopefully I can get them all posted in the next couple weeks!

The next project I’ll tell you about is the kitchen! This is one we were both really looking forward to. When we moved into our house, it had recently been flipped, so there wasn’t any work that HAD to be completed, but there were some things we wanted to change, to make it more our style. One of the things that was definitely NOT our style, was the backsplash in the kitchen.




We knew from day one that we would eventually rip it out and replace it with some kind of tile. A lot of people liked the concept of the wood, simply because it was unique, but our issue was that it didn’t match any other wood in the whole house, especially not the cabinets. We’re pretty sure our flipper just used some random spare flooring he had on hand, and we got sick of looking at it.

One of the best parts of this project was ripping out the old backsplash.

After scoping out a million different tile options, we chose two: Allen + Roth Glacier Links Mixed Material Mosaic Wall Tile, and Stainless Steel Metal Mosaic Subway Wall Tile, both from Lowes.







Before we could tile, we needed to repaint. In trying to stick with a house color palette, we originally chose a teal color that is a few shades lighter than our living room wall. As soon as we painted a sample though, we knew it was way too dark! We headed back to Lowes and bought two more samples, of some lighter greens, but again, they weren’t quite right.

n true JutandLinds fashion, and much like the deck scenario, we were in a time crunch to get this done before I was having a girls night, which meant we absolutely had to paint the next day, and didn’t have time to sample any more colors. I went to Lowes with my paint swatches in hand, and was about to pick between two colors I wasn’t thrilled with. Luckily though, around that same time YoungHouseLove had posted about how to choose paint colors, so I pulled that up and re-read it real quick. With their helpful tips, I blindly chose a color I hoped would look different on the walls than the swatch, and bought a gallon. I guess I figured we’d have to repaint anyway if I chose from what we already tested, so this wasn’t any riskier. Somehow I lucked out, though, and the paint color was EXACTLY what I was going for! So thanks John and Sherry! You saved me from repainting my kitchen a second time!!

We ended up going with Sparkling Lake by Velspar, though this swatch does not do it justice.


It’s the perfect tealy-seafoamy-green that I was hoping for, and we both love it!


As soon as the paint was dry, Ben came over to help us get started on the tile. This happened to be the same day I had the girls coming over, so of course we were working crazy fast! We got it mostly up in time for my girls night, but not quite.


When we finally got more time to work on it, Justin finished the tile around the window, replaced the outlets from cream to white, and then we grouted. It was actually a lot of fun, and not nearly as difficult as we had feared. And we absolutely love how well it goes with the countertops :)


Changing those outlets was not an easy task, as they’re all the GFI type, with the test/reset buttons. Justin struggled a bit, but with a few tips from friends, he was able to *safely* get them all installed. The last thing we have left to do in here is replace a few pieces of trim, and paint it all. Justin is also considering doing a little focal paint on the one blank wall, but that will be a future endeavor. As a finishing touch, we also installed a pendant light above the sink.

Here’s another before and after, just for comparison’s sake:


We love absolutely everything about it! We couldn’t be more happy with it, and we feel awesome for having done it ourselves!

*Sorry for the lighting in some of these photos. I really need to learn how to use my camera.

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