On Our Ninth and Tenth Dates of Christmas

by Lindsey on December 30, 2014

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On Our Ninth Date of Christmas

…we went to ‘Midnight’ Mass on Christmas Eve! I say ‘Midnight’ because it really started at 10PM. I couldn’t find a single church that did a service at 12!

When I was little, my mom took us to our church’s midnight service every single year. When I started dating Justin, though, I stopped going because his family does their get-together that night. This year his family stuff ended early enough that we were able to go!

I’m really glad we went, and I hope to make it a new tradition for us. There’s just something about gathering on Christmas Eve that feels really special to me, and I didn’t realize how much I had missed it!


On Our Tenth Date of Christmas

…we celebrated the holiday together! We woke up early, made coffee for him, tea for me, and got a fire burning in the fireplace. The dogs were content with their new bones to leave us alone for a few minutes and we had fun taking turns opening gifts while huddled around the tree.


I already knew what my big gift was (my snowboard!), but Justin had no idea that I had come up with something meaningful for him.



I had mentioned in our Christmas Tree post that I got him a new tree for the ornaments he used to receive from his mom. What I didn’t mention, was that I took an inventory of his sets (Football Legends and Hoop Stars), and made a spreadsheet of what he was missing. I found out that the basketball set is no longer on sale, and he was only missing one piece! Thank goodness for ebay, I was able to find Mr. Kobe Bryant, for cheaper than he sold for in 2003! I also found that Jut was missing three football players within the years his mom had purchased them, as well as all of the ones that came after she stopped in 2005. Again, on ebay, I was able to fill in the gaps with the three he was missing! I promised him that from now on, each Christmas I’ll buy him the new one for the current year, as well as one of the missing ones from in between, so eventually he’ll have a complete set of those, too! I was really excited to give it to him, and he was just as excited when he realized what I’d done.

We spent the rest of the afternoon watching movies and playing board games, and put up our Christmas villages, since we hadn’t done that yet.



This year has been really difficult for us, and I had my emotional moments wishing we were no longer a family of just two, but overall we had a really good Christmas, and of course, Jut found a way to keep a smile on my face for the day :)

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