Althea: Seven Months

by Lindsey on August 12, 2016

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That face is so, very her right now!

I’m a week behind on posting, because I’ve spent every waking moment getting ready for our beach trip!!


  • Finally got to meet her Papa Kim’s side of the family, and more of the Dunmyre clan!
  • Went to her first Pirate Game


  • Went on her first road trip, to Columbus. We all had a blast, and visited the #1 zoo in the country! (We have a thing for zoos, we went to the PGH zoo three times this month!)
  • Is eating all kinds of solid foods now. Her favorite seems to be crockpot chicken. She’d eat a whole leg by herself if I let her!


  • Has 5 teeth now, 2 on the bottom and 3 on top
  • Sits up on her own, for the most part. Sometimes she still falls over, so Daddy calls her Tippy Longstocking :)


  • Scoots and rolls all over the place, but isn’t officially crawling. She uses her head for leverage and mama’s afraid she’s gonna end up with terrible rug-burn on her face!
  • Is still nursing mostly well, though she’s easily distracted, so we have to make sure the TV is off, no one else is in the room, and there’s nothing around to catch her attention!


  • Are unofficially house-hunting. We never intended to stay here once we had kids, because we’re in a terrible school district, but we’re giving ourselves plenty of time (~5 years!) to find exactly the right house to make our forever home. We’re basically just watching what comes up for now, and working on getting our house ready to sell when the time comes.
  • Had a few really nice nights out! We went to two weddings and had a really good time to ourselves. #loveafterbabies


  • Are finally starting to dive back into “doing things”. Jut went golfing a few times, and went to a wing-tasting event with his friends. And I had a girls movie night with Maggie, and took Thea to Erie for a weekend.



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