Althea: Eight Months

by Lindsey on September 6, 2016

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  • Went on her first (of many) beach vacations!
    • We spent a week at Topsail Island, NC, and had a blast! She liked the sand, but hated the waves. Her favorite part was having her Dino Pool right out on the beach with the rest of us!
      • Visited the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital, which she loved because she could actually see them swimming around and popping out of the water
    • Survived her longest road trip! We spent an overnight in Richmond, VA on our way down (5ish hours), but made the full drive home in one day! 12+ hours including stops, and she was a total champ!


  • Did all kinds of fun things in Richmond
    • Shopped in Cary Town
    • Got her first tattoo to freak out Grandma! A dinosaur, right on the middle of her belly :)
    • Walked on Belle Isle
    • Ate at a bunch of different restaurants – Bonnie Blue (during the drive), Mellow Mushroom, Perly’s, Fancy Biscuit, Rise (on the way home)


  • Also spent a day in Wilmington, NC
    • Walked through a bunch of little shops
    • Had lunch at Front Street Brewery and ice cream from Boombalatti’s
    • Got a drive-by photo of Brooke Davis’ house, because mama is OBSESSED with One Tree Hill :)


  • Sleeps in her own room, and it’s going mostly well! She still has her off-nights, but she usually sleeps from 8ish-4ish, eats, and then goes back to sleep til I wake her up at 730.
  • Sits in a high chair at restaurants. And it’s obvious that she loves being up at the table with everyone else, instead of leaned back in her car seat.
  • Had her first girl’s night with the Wardzala girls, and LOVES her BFF Imogen!
  • Spent lots of time swimming, at Aunt April’s house, and at Maggie’s aunt’s house!
  • Went to her first Pitt Football Game, and had a great time! She was cheering and “clapping” through the whole game!


  • Eats like a champ! New foods this month included a waffle, a pancake, canned pumpkin, green beans, oatmeal cereal, puffs, and her first time eating from a pouch on the go!
  • Growls like a tiger. We don’t know where it came from, and we don’t know how long she’ll keep it going, but right now it’s ALL THE TIME. It’s cute for a little while, but not so much when she’s growling because we’re not feeding her fast enough!
  • Is SO CLOSE to crawling. She gets up on all fours, and moves her legs, but not her arms, so she ends up face planting. It will definitely happen any day now. She’s already able to get where she wants to go, but we’re terrified for her to be able to go at a faster speed!


  • Were so, so ready for a vacation, and it did not disappoint!
    • I spent a large part of our time there sitting around a puzzle, which is one of my favorite parts of going to the beach!
    • Got to see a turtle nest hatching for the first time! We only caught the very last two turtles making their way into the ocean, but it was amazing!
    • Got to explore two more cities we’ve never been to. We really liked Richmond, and definitely plan to return someday, and Wilmington will become a permanent stop on our annual beach trips.
    • Went out sans baby, to a bar with my brothers and their girlfriends. It was a short, but nice getaway.


  • Met with the priest and education director at our church, so I can start my RCIA classes! Jut will be my sponsor, and I’m excited to get started!
  • Jut spent a weekend at Fantasy Football drafts, and I spent most of that time hanging out with Maggie and her girls.


  • Had a low-key Labor Day weekend to finish off the summer. Went to the Pitt game and over to Jut’s brother’s house, spent lots of time playing video games (Lego PS4 games are our favorite!), went to a park with Jut’s gram, sister, and our nieces, and then Jut had to work on Monday, so we just hung out and worked on organizing a few things around the house. It was a perfectly relaxing way end to a busy few weeks, with lots of busy weekends coming up in September!


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