Althea: Nine Months

by Lindsey on October 7, 2016

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  • Started crawling this month! She had been moving around for a while, but she finally figured out the right motion. Then almost immediately, she started pulling herself up on the couch and ottomans!


  • Celebrated grandparents day with Grandma and Pap, checking out the Trucks and Heavy Equipment Day in Oakmont! Pap was in his glory, as he’s an insurance adjuster for this stuff! Thea loved sitting in the driver seat, playing with the steering wheels. (And trying to eat them, of course)


  • Got to meet a bunch of her Mitchell Cousins at the Relay for Life in mama’s hometown


  • Got to meet her Great-Grandparents, my step-dad’s parents, when they were visiting from Florida!


  • Had her 9 month dr. appt, where we learned that she’s right in the middle at 48 and 49 % for height and weight, but still way up in the 90% for head circumference


  • Got to see her Uncle Tanner playing his upright bass! She LOVED listening to the music and hanging out with everyone.
  • Attended lots of birthday parties, as all of her Dunmyre cousins were born from July-October!
    • This includes her first day trip out of state without Mama and Daddy. Grandma and Pap took her to Ohio for a Davis cousin’s birthday party!


  • Continues to nurse well, and eats like a champ! She loves literally everything we give her. Hasn’t denied a single food yet!
    • She doesn’t do real well with some textures though. Still not sure what to do with ground beef, and if you read, you know about the cracker incident…


  • Attended a wedding for mama’s friend Kristin, and enjoyed a fancy night out alone!
  • Started our RCIA classes, and so far we have mixed feelings. The first class went terribly, but the second one was better. I guess we’ll see how the next one goes this week!


  • I started my new work schedule of three days at home, and only two in the office. So far it’s going well for me. It doesn’t mean I can have Thea home more often, but it does mean I can do household things like laundry and dishes during the day, so I don’t have to worry about them at the end of the day when she is here.
  • Battled it out when our alma maters finally played each other after like 16 years. Except…by the end of the game I had officially declared myself more of a Pitt fan than PSU, and so, it wasn’t much of a battle. Oops!


  • Signed up for the DC Walk of Hope that’s coming up next week! We’re so excited to help raise money for a cause near and dear to us. Without Infertility research, we wouldn’t have Baby Bird, and we are so thankful for this wonderful organization that helps advocate for the cause!

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