Althea: Twelve Months

by Lindsey on January 11, 2017

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I can’t believe this is my last monthly post!


  • Is a total cheese puff, clearly.
  • Got her first haircut! Just a tiny bit off her bangs to get them out of her face, and her little sideway rat tail is now gone!
  • Spent the majority of this month sick, as did the both of us. This plague has been no fun and we’re all looking forward to it going away for good!
  • Went on one final road trip of 2016, to the Big Apple! She spent most of our trip bundled up in her stroller sleeping, but it counts!


  • Due to the holiday schedule and being sick, she spent two full weeks at home with us instead of going to Tammy’s during the day. I know she missed them, they missed her, and I certainly missed sending her there while I was trying to work!
  • Is walking everywhere! She took a little hiatus after that initial stroll across the living room, but picked it back up the week before Christmas and hasn’t slowed down since!


  • Celebrated her first Christmas and New Years! (Actually, she celebrated EIGHT Christmases, and I swear we are going to do things differently next year!)
  • LOVES opening presents, but is much more interested in the wrapping than what’s inside. Her favorite gifts included Little People, a ball pit, and a four-wheeler (though she is NOT a fan of the helmet!)
  • Stopped sleeping. I don’t know what’s going on, probably because she’s been sick, but 4AM is now my kryptonite, and things need to change, ASAP!


  • Are in complete shock that our baby girl is a year old already! The past twelve months went way too fast, and it has been made very clear to us that we need to cherish every single moment with her.
  • Have been running around like crazy people for two months straight. We went from Thanksgiving, to my dad moving in, to New York City, to Christmas, to New Year’s, to Thea’s Birthday, and somewhere along the lines I’m pretty sure I forgot how to breathe. It’s been a complete whirlwind, and we are so looking forward to finally slowing down.


  • Didn’t do a lot of the things we typically do in the month of December, and that’s okay! We got in a few dates, but no where near the “12 dates” we’ve become accustomed to. I feel like it was the first time it became so drastically apparent that our lives have changed with her, but she is so very worth it.
  • Truly enjoyed seeing all of our family over the holidays, even if it seemed like A LOT at times. It was so nice to have my dad back in town, and to spend quality time with each branch of our families throughout the month.


  • Got a new car! The Rogue ended up being totaled, so we decided to move up into a Pathfinder. We LOVE it!!
  • Are trying to decide how we’re going to document Thea’s milestones going forward. I’m not sure I’ll keep up with monthly updates, but I definitely want to keep some kind of record. Heck, maybe it’s time to start blogging more often about the everyday stuff, instead of just having these summary posts. It’s a thought I’ve been tossing around…


katelin January 11, 2017 at 3:43 pm

Aw I can’t believe this is your last monthly post. Such a sweet girl, glad you had such a fun/crazy Christmas! xo

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