by Lindsey on March 23, 2017

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In an effort to blog more often, I’ve decided to share a few tidbits about what’s going on around here. Perhaps I’ll find the time to make this a regular check-in.

  • Going strong with no sugar or processed food during Lent! We allowed ourselves to take part in “Indulge Sunday” with breakfast from Oakmont Bakery, but other than that one time, we’ve stuck with it. We are definitely counting down the days, though, and can’t wait to order pizza as soon as possible!
  • Loving this time between infant and toddlerhood. It’s so much fun to watch Althea learning new things and seeing her personality emerge. She’s gonna be a little firecracker, no doubt about that!
  • Spending far too much time on our phones. We have a strict “no phones at the dinner table” rule, but we’ve also been trying to abide by a “no phones from 6-8pm” rule, which hasn’t been so successful. Too often we are asking each other, though admittedly it’s mostly him asking me, to put our phones down and just hang out.
  • Rethinking our blog design. I have the sudden urge to go with something simpler and just purchased the Genesis framework to try something new. Now I just need to get my multi-site working so I can make changes without going live until it’s ready.
  • Working on finishing Althea’s baby book. My goal was the end of March, but I’ll be cutting it close, as I have about 6 spreads left to do, mostly of stuff leading up to her birth. Regardless, I’ve made a lot of progress this month, and I’m loving the results!
  • Nearing the end of RCIA classes. I get confirmed at the Easter Vigil on the Saturday night before Easter, and I’m so excited about it! This has been an amazing journey, and I’m looking forward to officially being Catholic!
  • Attempting to take away Althea’s bottles. We’ve tried weaning her, but if she knows it’s an option, she won’t accept anything else. This weekend we’re pulling it cold turkey, offering sippy cups only. We know we’re in for a long few days, but fingers crossed it’ll be out of sight – out of mind quickly.
  • Playing a lot of Lego Jurrasic World on PS4. We’re addicted to all Lego PS4 games, and this one is awesome!
  • Obsessed with Google Photos, and telling anyone about it who will listen. Auto backup of my photos without taking up additional space on my phone? Yes, please! If you want to know more, reach out! I’d love to share :)
  • Yearning for sunny days. I’m one of those rare anomolies who actually loves snow (something I learned to appreciate AFTER moving out of Erie!), but since we didn’t really get enough to enjoy it this year, I’m ready to move onto Spring. I can’t wait for it to get warm enough to take Thea for walks and find some swings to play on!


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