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by Lindsey on April 18, 2017

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If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m participating in Ali Edwards’ Week in the Life! I’m super excited, as this is the first time I’m putting real effort into completing this project. I think it will be awesome to have a mini album that showcases what our life looks like right now, especially since Althea is growing up TOO fast, and things will be so different at this time next year! In an effort to keep things organized, and so I don’t forget the details when I go to put my album together next week, I’ve decided to post about each day here! I hope you enjoy a little peek inside our day-to-day life, beyond what we’d normally post on Social Media :)

Monday Reflections

*I didn’t plan to use the “So Loving” prompt, but as I was bringing this all together, I realized it worked perfectly for the day!

On the rare occasion that Jut and I both take Thea to the sitter’s, we make a pit stop on the way home. Vanilla Chai Latte for me, Dark Roast for him. So loving this man I get to call mine.

Signed into work, straight onto a staff meeting. I’m on a team of just five people, and three of us (without the two managers) have a weekly Monday morning kick-start. It’s a great way for us to check in with each other and offer support where needed. So loving my job…most of the time!

The nice thing about working from home is the ability to do a load of laundry between calls. It means one less thing to worry about in the evening when Thea is home! So loving this privilege and routine.

Jut is also home today, which is not normal for a Monday, so he’s cleaning up the kitchen in between calls. So loving an extra day with him.

I had to make a call to Nissan because we thought the button on our liftgate was broken. Turns out there’s an off switch that one of us must have bumped! Glad to know we don’t have to get that fixed, along with the collision damage I caused! So loving this new car, despite all the issues!

When working from home, I have to be super conscious of stopping for lunch, or it will suddenly be 3 pm and I haven’t eaten anything yet. Today that lunch hour consisted of leftover Easter dinner and a quick 35-minute yogacamp session. So loving this daily practice with my best friend.

An afternoon of no meetings means diving into a spreadsheet with little chance of being interrupted. (I don’t think I actually look this serious while I work! 😂) So loving productivity.

It’s my day to pick up Thea while Jut finishes work, so I turn on one of my favorite podcasts and hit the road with the windows open! So loving this new-to-me way of learning cool stuff.

Althea usually naps on the way home, but today she’s wide awake, watching the world pass by her window. So loving this girl!

Instead of going straight home, we went to Musicbox Monday at the Oakmont Library! It was a packed house tonight, and Thea was pretty overwhelmed at first, but she had fun! Then it was upstairs to trade in her weekly stack. So loving her love of books!

Daddy ran while we were at the library, and then we all walked through Oakmont! So loving this beautiful weather!

They play a game where they feed each other bites of her dinner. So loving watching this relationship blossom.

It’s bedtime for Thea and she passed out quickly after wearing herself out on our walk. So loving that we were blessed with a good sleeper!

Studying for the ITIL Certification exam. I took the class months ago but never got around to taking the test. Of course, I’ve forgotten everything I learned by now, but I have til Friday to figure it all out! So loving the opportunity to grow.

Leftover birthday cake on the couch with my guy. So loving this “us” time at the end of each day.

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