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by Lindsey on April 23, 2017

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If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m participating in Ali Edwards’ Week in the Life! I’m super excited, as this is the first time I’m putting real effort into completing this project. I think it will be awesome to have a mini album that showcases what our life looks like right now, especially since Althea is growing up TOO fast, and things will be so different at this time next year! In an effort to keep things organized, and so I don’t forget the details when I go to put my album together next week, I’ve decided to post about each day here! I hope you enjoy a little peek inside our day-to-day life, beyond what we’d normally post on Social Media :)

Saturday Reflections

Today is unusual. Jut just left for an overnight event with his brother, and my Bird and I have a busy day ahead. I’m up super early to get a few things done before she wakes. First thing on the list is posting my words and photos for yesterday.

Today is unusual. Getting my yogacamp session in early. I’m definitely not as flexible in the morning, but it felt good to stretch, and I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of effect this has on my mood for the remainder of the day.

Today is unusual. I was about to make us eggs for breakfast, but then I realized the best husband and daddy in the world left the bottom of his muffin for Thea so I don’t have to share mine. #everybodyneedsajustin

Today is unusual. We’re used to running out the door 10 minutes late to everywhere we go. Somehow, we had lots of time to waste this morning, so we tried to get to the Big Book Sale at the Oakmont Library, but we were very disappointed by the lack of children’s books available 🙁

Today is unusual. Taking a day trip to Erie with my girl, to attend a bridal shower for my brother’s fiancè. I remembered to fill up before we left, so I don’t run out on the turnpike again!

Today is unusual. She’s so mad at me but just got in a solid 2-hour nap. She’s tired of being in her car seat, she’s hungry, and she probably needs a diaper.

Today is unusual. Someone handed her a basket of toys to play with, and instead of picking up the dinosaurs she went right for all the gross bugs!

Today is unusual. I found a new scratch on the car, but this time it wasn’t my fault! No idea where it came from.

Today is unusual. Shopping lately is all about Althea, and rarely about either of the adults in this house. Mama is in desperate need of new bras, and VS is having a sale, so Thea’s hanging out with Grandma and Pap while I make my selections!

Today is unusual. She’s up two hours past her bedtime, but we took the risk of taking her out to dinner at TGIFridays, and surprisingly, she’s being a complete Angel!

Today is unusual. Starting round 2.2. Praying we’ll have some good news to share in a few weeks!

Today is unusual. I think I can count on one hand how many times I’ve gone to bed alone since we got married. I’m not a fan, and I’m going to hug him so tight when he returns tomorrow.

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