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by Lindsey on April 24, 2017

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If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m participating in Ali Edwards’ Week in the Life! I’m super excited, as this is the first time I’m putting real effort into completing this project. I think it will be awesome to have a mini album that showcases what our life looks like right now, especially since Althea is growing up TOO fast, and things will be so different at this time next year! In an effort to keep things organized, and so I don’t forget the details when I go to put my album together next week, I’ve decided to post about each day here! I hope you enjoy a little peek inside our day-to-day life, beyond what we’d normally post on Social Media :)

Sunday Reflections

Up early for Mass! Didn’t get much sleep after a late night out. I use the Sleep Cycle app as an alarm, but since I put my phone on my nightstand, it looks like I slept really hard. I actually tossed and turned all night, because I don’t like being alone!

I wore the cross my dad gave me last week for Confirmation to Mass today. It was a nice change to go by myself and actually pay attention to the whole thing. Also, the Eucharist. So awesome.

He’s home!!! And he brought a LOT of beer back with him 😳  We bought this fridge from a friend when I was overflowing our kitchen freezer with breastmilk. We never did get it hooked up when we needed it back then, and now that I’m done with that, we turned it into beer and pop storage instead.

It’s a beautiful day for a Baseball Game!! We bought my parents tickets to see the Pirates play the Yankees as a thank you for helping us so much with house upgrades. It was the perfect day and we had a great time! Let’s Go Bucs!

Thea had a really big day at the ball game! First, the tv cameraman was filming her, then she was on the Jumbotron, and then she got to run the bases! We joke because it took me 30 years to get on a jumbotron, but it only took Thea 15 months!

After the game, we took a walk around the Strip District, and Grandma and Pap found a wine tasting. Luckily they had something to keep a bird busy! (Well, until she started eating the chalk and we had to take it away from her!)

She is wore out after a jam-packed weekend. Love that little double butt chin 😍

Today was busy and my parents have taken over the spare bedroom so I didn’t think I’d get a chance to do my yogacamp session. I was in bed, but couldn’t sleep thinking about how I didn’t want to miss it. Decided to roll out my mat in the living room and get it done.


I’m so glad I completed a full week of this project! I think I’ve shown a good representation of a typical week in our life right now, and I look forward to having this as a comparison for years to come! Next year could look at whole lot different, as we try for baby #2 and potentially move to a new, forever, home! I hope you’ve enjoyed following along and getting this little peek into our real life!

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