We’ve come a very long way

by Lindsey on September 24, 2017

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Six years ago, when Jut and I opened our joint checking account and saw everything together for the first time, we realized that combined we were almost $70,000 in debt. Between two car payments, numerous student loans, and a mountain of maxed out credit cards, I can’t even imagine what our credit scores looked like back then. I honestly don’t even know how we got approved to purchase our first home while we were still in the worst of that mess.

We spent the next several years working our asses off to dig ourselves out, and while it sucked to constantly say no to things and check every single purchase against our budget, we actually freaking did it! Thanks to the Dave Ramsey debt snowball process, along with a few salary raises along the way, on April 29, 2016, we were 100% credit debt free, had paid off both of those cars (though we did add a new car payment to the mix by then), and had just one student loan left. We have since kept ourselves in the green, and while we are careful about our money and find ways to save where possible, we rarely have to say no anymore. We are also a heck of a lot smarter about putting money away for emergencies, and for ours and Thea’s futures.

Fast forward to today, when we had our offer accepted on a house that is truly a dream we weren’t sure we’d ever see come true! Even just four days ago, using some rough estimates provided to us, we thought for sure it was out of our reach without making significant changes to our lifestyle, which we are not willing to do for a house. We were fully prepared to walk away, and had even told our realtor we weren’t going to even bother making an offer. The next day, however, we received true numbers based on our credit scores, (now both in the 790s!), and we realized our dream could not only be a reality but one that would make absolutely zero changes to the lifestyle we currently lead.

I promise I’m not posting this to brag, it’s just that we are so, so proud of ourselves and I want to make sure we always remember this day. To know that we are able to give Thea this life, only because of how hard we have worked to overcome our pasts, is a feeling I want to hold onto as long as possible. There are no words to express how excited we are for this, especially knowing how much it took for us to get here.

This is our new house, in an incredible neighborhood, in one of the best school districts in the state. Damn, it will feel good to call this home!

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