Taking a Social Media Break

by Lindsey on April 28, 2015

in Just Us

Ever since deciding to complete the 30-day meditation challenge in May, I’ve been going back and forth with the idea of also taking a break from social media for the month. I’ve literally gone back and forth on this for days, and it wasn’t until I just read this post from Ashley, that I am finally making it official.

For one, I want to dive into this meditation experience and get the absolute most I can from it, and I don’t think I can do that while still filling my head with all of the noise from the Internet.

Secondly, infertility is hard enough, without the constant reminder of everyone else in my life who’s having babies right now. (Not that I’m not totally in love with all of your babies, I am, I promise, but they also make me sad.)

Third, I’ll be at the ocean in a couple weeks, and I’d love to just leave my phone in my room, rather than take it down to the beach with me during the day. It’s probably in the best interest of all parties involved, really.

And finally, I’m seriously struggling with technology these days. I stare at a computer all day, then I come home and stare at my phone/computer/tv all night. By the time I’m ready for bed, my eyes are literally burning from all the screen time, and I desperately need to just shut everything off for a while.

I’m not sure yet if I’m going to fully deactivate my social accounts, but I’m at least going to remove the apps from my phone. This will include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Feedly, and this blog. I’m going all out. Fade to black.

Instead, I’m going to journal my thoughts on paper, take photos with my DSLR, read books and magazines, and use the telephone and text messaging as means of communicating with friends.

Sadly, I know this won’t be easy for me, but if I can come back in June with less attachment, it will definitely be worth it!


Taking Action

by Lindsey on April 26, 2015

in Just Us


The number one response I get when someone new finds out we’re struggling with infertility is “just relax”. After two years, two diagnoses, and multiple treatments, I know that relaxation is not our problem, but I’m also not naive enough to believe that my stress doesn’t play a factor. I was super high anxiety even before we were trying to get pregnant, so any effort to calm my mind is long overdue at this point.

Because of this, I get weekly acupuncture and chiropractic treatments, attend monthly fertility yoga classes, and make a conscious effort to give myself time to just do my thing. Most of the time that means reading or binging on Netflix, though now that the weather is finally getting warmer, I’ll also be able to incorporate walking and just generally spending time in the sunshine.

Many people have suggested meditation, and I’ve read a number of books in the last few months on the subject (my favorites are 10% Happier and Real Happiness). For no real reason, though, I never actually sat down to try it until this week. Why now? Mainly because on Friday I was exploding with anger over something work-related, and decided that walking away from my computer for 10 minutes would probably do me some good.

I started with the HeadSpace app, which gives you 10 free days before it requires purchasing a subscription. It really did help me reclaim my sanity on Friday, so I’ve continued each day since. I’m not sure if there are any major changes going on just yet, but so far I’m enjoying it.

Since I will not be purchasing the app after the initial 10-days, due to the cost, I’ve been looking for something else to do next. I don’t trust myself to just do my own thing yet, so I really wanted to find another schedule to follow. Perfectly timed, Ashley posted that she recently started a routine, and recommended the DoYouYoga.com 30-day meditation challenge. I’ve decided to complete this through the month of May, and I can’t wait to start! I realize it will overlap with the final two days of HeadSpace, but it will be a lot easier for me to track the 30-day schedule if it coincides with the days in the month. Also, I’m super excited, because I’ll be in Topsail Island for a week in May, and my goal is to do some of the meditations on the beach during sunrise :)

I could definitely benefit from an accountability partner, so if there’s any chance you might be interested, join me! You can find my DoYouYoga profile here: HeySmalls

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