That time we won a trip to Miami!

by Lindsey on July 23, 2014

in Just Us

So there’s this soccer tournament going on in the US right now called the International Champions Cup. Justin and a bunch of his friends are going to a game in Pittsburgh, between Manchester City and AC Milan, and he bought his tickets from their website a few months ago.

Right before the World Cup started, the ICC sent Jut an email, promoting a contest similar to the one ESPN runs during NCAA March Madness. Each contestant had to choose a winner and predict the score of each game. If someone could get 32 of 64 games correct (both winner and score), they won $10,000,000, which, I mean, everybody knows nobody wins that shit, right? Also, the top 10 players won a VIP trip to Miami for the final game of the tournament, which we also figured he had no chance of winning.

That was…until he took 8th place!

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 9.04.13 PM

We waited to tell anyone until he got the official notice, and tonight, while we were out to dinner with a group of friends for his birthday, it finally arrived!

The trip includes the following:

ICC Finals Package includes:

  • Return airfare for two (2) to Miami, arriving August 2, 2014
  • Hotel transfers to/from the Miami airport
  • Three (3) nights deluxe hotel accommodation at Fontainebleau
  • Welcome event at Fontainebleau on August 2
  • Full tour of Sun Life Stadium with lunch on August 3
  • Access to open training for both teams on August 3
  • Transportation to ICC Championship on August 4 (8PM kickoff)
  • Field seats with hospitality
  • Access to the field for halftime show
  • Admittance to the Guinness International Champions Cup After-Party at LIV nightclub (21+ package only)
  • Children can participate as ball kid or mascot during the game (Family package only)

Approximate Retail Value: $7,300 per trip

We never win anything! Luckily we’re both able to get off work with such short notice, and it just so happens that we’re both in desperate need of some time away, alone, together. This couldn’t have come at a better time, and we’re so pumped!


We went camping…and I cried a lot…

by Lindsey on June 29, 2014

in Infertility

This weekend we went camping, and while we had a seriously awesome time with Jut’s siblings and our nieces, it also simultaneously tore my heart to shreds.


Because the thing about infertility is, no matter how much fun you might be having, no matter how many other things you have going on around you, you’re still always thinking about infertility.


You may be sitting around a campfire with your husband and brothers-in-law, telling stupid stories and having a great time, but you’re also seething with jealousy of your sisters-in-law, who are in their cabins, snuggling their babies to sleep.


You may be sitting in a restaurant about to enjoy a meal with some of your favorite people on the planet, when you suddenly realize you’re the only wife at the table who isn’t chasing a toddler, or coloring on a placemat, or sharing whatever you can find on your plate that your child is willing to eat.


You may be watching your husband play t-ball with your niece and on the outside you’re laughing so hard when she almost whacks him in the face, but in your mind, you’re bawling because you are watching how awesome of a father he would be, and you can’t make it happen for him.


Infertility isn’t this thing that only hurts when you’re having a bad day. It isn’t this thing that you can just put to the back of your mind and go on with your life. It isn’t this thing that is easy to live with simply because you have faith that it will happen eventually.

Infertility is this thing that effects every second of every day of my life. It’s this thing that makes me unbelievably sad, even on days that are filled with a million happy moments.


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