If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past six months, it’s that having a child creates this constant struggle between the thoughts of “I can’t wait until she…” and “I hope she stays little forever.”

Most of the time, those internal battles include things like

  • I can’t wait until she can sit up unassisted, but I hope she always wants me to hold her.
  • I can’t wait until she can tell me when something is wrong, but I hope my hug is always enough to console her.
  • I can’t wait until she understands when we tell her we love her, and when she can tell us she loves us, too, but I hope we always show it better than we can say it.
  • I can’t wait until she understands what it means when we say our nightly prayers, but I hope she always wants me to rock her to sleep while we say them.

But because of the world we live in, my battles also include “I can’t wait until she grows up, but…”

  • How do I explain why some people are treated different simply because of who they love?
  • How do I explain why some people are treated different simply because of the color of their skin?
  • How do I explain that sometimes, the people who are sworn to protect, do bad things?
  • How do I explain that sometimes people choose the wrong way to fight back?

How do I protect her innocence, but also prepare her for the hard stuff?

How do I explain, and teach, and encourage her to do better, to be better, when I don’t understand these things myself?

I know being a parent is difficult. I know there will be hard, but necessary conversations. I know I have a lot to learn right along with her, and we’ll grow together. I just didn’t know I would be raising her at a time when our world feels so incredibly broken.



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Althea: Six Months

by Lindsey on July 6, 2016

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Happy Half-Birthday, Baby Bird!!


  • Got baptized! (More on this to come…)


  • Attended the US Open Golf Tournament
  • Attended her first Greek Festival (of MANY)


  • Met some new friends! Her new BFF Imogen, and a few cute boys, Luca, Leo, and Ollie :)
  • Started solid foods. She loves Avacados and Bananas, but hates Peas. (Can’t say I blame her!)
  • Went swimming for the first and second time, and loves being in the water


  • Saw fireworks! The noise didn’t bother her at all, and she actually slept right through the big ones.
  • Rolls over from back to front immediately when we lay her down, but still chooses not to go from belly to back.


  • Celebrated our 4th Anniversary with our annual dinner at the LeMont


  • Had a conversation about trying for #2, considering we don’t know how long it will take us to conceive again, and we’d prefer them to be semi-close in age. We decided against starting in July because we’re just super enjoying her right now, and will reconvene in August.
  • Had a houseful of company for her baptism. It was a revolving door of guests coming and going, and we are so grateful for our family, but were so ready for the empty house when everyone went home.


  • Are making progress on her baby book. I definitely plan to post about it soon! (This reminds me, I have a post drafted from Mother’s Day that I never finished, oops!)
  • Celebrated Justin’s first Father’s Day ♥



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June 16, 2016

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June 7, 2016

She: Has two teeth! Both bottom middle teeth are officially out, and it actually wasn’t the worst thing ever! She wears an amber necklace, and whatever it does, it’s working! Is still not consistently rolling over, but at this point I think it’s because she just doesn’t want to. She can definitely do it, she […]

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April 8, 2016

Sometimes I write letters to my husband, and now I’m going to start writing them to my daughter as well… Dear Althea, I know you can’t possibly know yet, what your daddy and I went through to bring you into this world, but sometimes it seems like you do. Every single day I spend a few moments […]

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March 23, 2016

She: Took her first trip to the Zoo! And we got a membership, so it certainly won’t be her last :) (Yes, I did tell you this in her 2 month post, but it actually happened in Month 3. That’s what I get for being so far behind in posting!) Rolled over for the first […]

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Althea: One Month

February 21, 2016

  She: Is the most beautiful little girl we’ve ever seen (though we might be biased!) Spends the majority of her time screaming her face off. Gets the hiccups every single time she eats. Can already pick her head up and has incredibly strong legs! She’s gonna be moving way before we’re ready for it. […]

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