Dear Althea

by Lindsey on April 8, 2016

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Sometimes I write letters to my husband, and now I’m going to start writing them to my daughter as well…


Dear Althea,

I know you can’t possibly know yet, what your daddy and I went through to bring you into this world, but sometimes it seems like you do. Every single day I spend a few moments just staring at you, and when you’re not sleeping, you stare right back at me and it feels like you’re reassuring me over and over that this is real, that you are mine. Somehow you’ve managed to help me forget all of the pain I have felt for the last three years. And on the days I don’t feel like I’m worthy of this, like maybe it was an accident that I finally got pregnant after all that time, somehow you remind me that we were made for each other, that I was hand-chosen to be your mama.

I already can’t remember life without you, but maybe that’s because, in a way, you’ve really always been here with me. When I was younger and someone would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was always “a mom.” I was convinced that was going to be my job, and every time I ever imagined what being a mom would mean for me, it was always a vision of a little girl named Althea.

You see, baby girl, I have loved you my whole life, and I’m so incredibly grateful to finally be able to share this life with you. It’s already proving to be the greatest adventure I’ll ever know.

I love you so much baby bird ♥



Althea: Three Months

by Lindsey on March 23, 2016

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  • Took her first trip to the Zoo! And we got a membership, so it certainly won’t be her last :) (Yes, I did tell you this in her 2 month post, but it actually happened in Month 3. That’s what I get for being so far behind in posting!)
  • Rolled over for the first time! I laid her down for tummy time, and she immediately flipped over to her back. I’m not sure if it was a fluke, since it hasn’t happened again, but that could also be because she was NOT happy when it did happen!
  • Has been attending church and so far she’s been the best behaved baby in the cry room! I’ve figured out good timing to feed her before we go, so she mostly sleeps through the service, which works out perfectly.

  • Celebrated her first major holiday, Easter!
  • Has finally started letting us put her down in her swing or rock and play (but don’t you dare make them actually move!), and LOVES watching Baby Genius sing-a-longs on Netflix! Her favorites seem to be the counting songs, and No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.
  • Had a few more chiro adjustments, and they’re still going awesome! We can see a difference in how she holds her head when he flips her upside down, and I can’t help but think it’s helped with her colic, since this month has been significantly better!
  • Still sleeps like a champ! I know I’m probably jinxing myself, but we’re currently getting at least 5-7 hours every night!


  • Loves being rocked to sleep. We finally got a rocking chair, and we’re all thoroughly enjoying it.
  • Has gone on many adventures! We spent a few days at my mom’s, went to Ohio for a cousin’s birthday party, and went for a few walks now that the weather has been nice, finally.
  • Survived her first week without her mama. I returned to work on the 30th, and my mom came down to watch her for the first three days, so that definitely made the transition easier! Then, she started at the sitter’s on the 4th, which was really hard on us, but didn’t seem to phase her, so I guess that’s good. I hate every second of being away from her, but I know it will be good for both of us. And I definitely cherish our time together even more!


  • Finally got this posted on time! Woohoo!
  • Have been super sick! Well, Justin has. So much so, that he slept in a different room and didn’t touch Althea for two whole weeks! It was awful and I’m so glad it’s over.
  • Are trying to find our new rhythm now that I’ve returned to work. We’ve been trying to time it so I can nurse her right before we leave, she takes three bottles through the day, and I nurse her once we get home. So far she hasn’t had any issues with it, and I’ve been able to mostly keep up with her pumping, so I’m feeling good about that.
  • Are going to be spending an awful lot more time together now! Jut’s new job is with my company, and we both moved to a new building that gives us an easier commute while dropping Thea off on our way. That means driving to and from work together, possibly eating lunch together, and in general seeing each other more often during the day. Considering this is how we met and fell in love, I think it’ll be good for us :)


  • Spent an insane amount of money on a MamaRoo, (technically it was free, with gift cards), and then ended up returning it. She didn’t like being in it anymore than she does her swing, so it just didn’t make sense to keep both, and the swing was significantly cheaper.
  • Are considering buying a photography light kit to use when taking her monthly photos. Our house is super dark, so if I don’t get a chance to take them on a weekend during the day, I’ll struggle with them in the evenings during the week. Luckily I found a decently priced one on Amazon that has good reviews, I’m just hesitating to push the button for some reason.
  • Found time for a couple more date nights this month. We had a practice run with the sitter while we went out for dinner, and then while my parents were here last week, we finally got a chance to see Deadpool before it’s out of theaters. (It’s fantastic, btw.)



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