…we had our big annual date night in the city! This is one of my very favorite holiday tradition of ours, and I’m so glad we are able to keep it going year after year! (It also helped that this was the night before my surgery, which kept my mind off everything we would be dealing with the next day.)

For the 4th time, we purchased tickets to see Straight No Chaser at the Benedum Center here in Pittsburgh, and planned out a whole evening of excitement!

We got out of work and headed straight to dinner at Il Pizzaiolo. I don’t have any photos from this part of the evening, but we had calamari for an appetizer, and for dinner I had Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina and Justin had Linguine Alla Pescatora, which is basically a big bowl of pasta and seafood. The food was absolutely delicious!


After dinner, we bundled up to take a stroll through downtown. Our first stop was the People’s Gas Holiday Market in Market Square. We checked out all the little shops, and admired the work of some Pittsburgh locals. Once we were too cold to stay outside, we headed into the PPG Wintergarden to see the Annual Gingerbread House & Train Display, as well as the showcase of Santas they call Spirits of Giving Around The World.



This lego one was one of our favorites!


After that it was time to go back into the cold, over to the ice arena at PPG Plaza. For the 4th year, Justin refused to skate, so we kept walking toward the point. (I swear one of these years, I’ll get him out there with me!)


I know my iPhone photos don’t do any of it justice, but seeing the tree at the point, looking out over the river to the stadiums, and walking through this city when everything is lit up is the best thing about Pittsburgh at Christmas. It’s absolutely breathtaking.


Once we had seen (almost) all of the city, we made a pitstop to Starbucks before heading to the theater! SNC always puts on an amazing show, but we both agreed this was the best year yet! The first half of the show was full of known songs and current hits, while the second half was all Christmas music. It was awesome, and we can’t wait to see them again next year!


And then there’s this guy. That night, while seemingly the perfect evening, was still very difficult for me. I was absolutely terrified of what was coming the next day, but Justin knew exactly how to handle my mixed emotions. I don’t know how he does it, but he always, always, always keeps me smiling. There is no one I’d rather have on this journey with me.


I meant to post a fertility update prior to yesterday, but time flies when you’re freaking out, and I never got around to it. So here’s the latest scoop.

Two days after I posted about having to make the big decision, my doctor (SIL) called me and said we didn’t really have a choice. After she showed our scans to another doctor, they both agreed they needed to remove the cyst sooner than later. It all happened very fast. I had a pre-op appt last Thursday, the surgery yesterday, and now I’m laying on my couch recovering.

I won’t sugar coat anything. I’ve spent the last week completely terrified. For one, I’ve never had surgery of any kind (except having my wisdom teeth removed, which is really not the same), so I had no idea what to expect. Secondly, I knew the risks of operating on my ovary, and I was so scared that if something went wrong, we could be permanently infertile.

Luckily I had an amazing surgeon who put my mind at ease, and an incredible support system of family, friends, and almost-strangers rooting for me.

After surgery, the doctor explained to me that they found the cyst to be an endometrioma, which means that even if we had waited, it would not have gone away on it’s own. They checked out everything else, and found some other endometriosis, which they were able to remove as well. They also did an HSG test, where they pushed dye through my tubes to ensure nothing was blocked, and thankfully, nothing was.

So, not only did this surgery remove a giant cyst that was causing me a ton of pain, it also gave us some other really good info about my body. Now that we know I have endometriosis, we’ll be able to share that (along with some really great pictures of everything) with my fertility specialist when we meet her in January. By having specific details and photos for them, we’ll be able to say “here’s exactly what we’re dealing with”, which should help them, help us.

Yes I’m in pain, and recovery is not easy, but I know I’ll feel better soon and that this was definitely the right thing for us.

And now I cannot WAIT for January 7th :)


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