It’s been a while since I posted about our infertility journey, and figured it was time to give you an update. I read through my old posts, and realized that a lot of things changed over the last six months, and we didn’t do all the things we said we were going to do back then.

For starters:


The medical doctors suggest a new medicine that has less side-effects and supposed better results, specifically in women with PCOS. The acupuncturist recommends taking a few months off the meds to let my body rest and attempt to bring it to a normal state naturally. We spent an entire weekend weighing the pros and cons of either stopping all treatment or continuing to pump my body full of a chemical that isn’t working.We seriously considered everything, and we’re skeptical of both approaches, though we eventually decided to try the new med and see what happens. I’ll be starting that in a couple weeks.

…never happened. I chickened out and we decided to get off all the meds for a while. I continued with acupuncture (which I’m still doing), but still haven’t tried any other meds.



In the meantime, this weekend was spent doing some further testing. They want to make sure that once I do start ovulating, we won’t have any other issues, so Justin had a seman analysis and I had a sonogram. (I’ll also be testing the flow of my tubes in the next week or two.) The sono came back great, which was a welcome surprise. Justin’s test, however, showed signs of another problem we’ll have to overcome, Abnormal Morphology. Basically, unless it corrects itself, which is possible, we will most likely need to use IUI or IVF to get pregnant. And of course, this is all if/when I start ovulating.

…is irrelevant. Jut got retested a month later and everything was perfect. Apparently simple things like hot showers, heated seats, hot tubs, etc. can effect it. Also, I never had the flow test, because, again, I chickened out.

So basically we’ve been doing acupuncture, trying to relieve stress, sticking to a good diet (for the most part), and just kind of letting things happen naturally since February. That is until this past week at acupuncture, when she told me that she thinks it’s time for me to find a fertility specialist. This sort of broke my heart, because I was really hoping we’d be able to do this on our own, but at the same time we’re both ready to try something different. I’ve been tracking my temperatures daily for months, but haven’t seen the patterns we’re looking for, which means that nothing is actually changing in my body. I am going to continue with acupuncture though, because I do think it makes a huge difference for me mentally.

A few different people recommended the same clinic to us, which happens to be 5 minutes from our house, and I scheduled an appt with the doctor of our choice. They can’t get me in until the first week of January, which is okay because it gives us a chance to get through the holidays before turning all of our focus toward this.

So that’s where we’re at. We’re going on almost 2 years of this, and I’ve gone through just about every emotion a person can experience. I’ve cried more than ever in my life, I’ve been really, really angry, (like, scary angry), and I’ve been jealous more than I care to admit. Infertility brings out the absolute worst in me, but at the same time I feel like it’s changed me for the better. I don’t stress over little things anymore because obviously we have this bigger thing to worry about, and I try not to get worked up about what other people are saying or doing, because frankly, I just don’t have the emotional bandwidth to spare. (I should preface that with the fact that I’m thisclose to deactivating my Facebook account, though.) For the most part, I’m doing okay, though. I certainly have bad days, but I try to stay positive. It does help that Justin has continued to be my savior. Some days, I don’t know how he does it, but he keeps me standing, and I couldn’t imagine going through this with anyone else <3


I’m sure I’ll have updates more often once we start working with a specialist, so if you’d like to continue following our journey, please add us to your reader of choice (I personally use Feedly), or Like our page on Facebook!


Winter To-Do’s

by Lindsey on November 17, 2014

in Just Us

I never know when to say Fall is officially over and Winter is here, because where I grew up, it happened in the blink of an eye. In Erie, one day the trees are gorgeous with their red and orange leaves, and suddenly the next day there’s snow on the ground. (And smack dab in the center of the snowbelt, it was there to stay for a LONG time.) Fortunately, Fall lasts a little longer in Pittsburgh, but the seasons still switch without much warning.

That being said, I was trying to decide when to evaluate my Fall To-Do’s, and start on a winter list. At this point I’ve come close to completing everything, so I think it’s time. Also, we spent the weekend in Erie, where 12.8 inches of snow fell in a single day.

Here’s how I did with my Fall list:

  • Host the 3rd Annual Dunmyre End of Summer Bash -We had less people show up this year, but had so much fun! I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did!
  • Visit a Pumpkin Patch – We did our annual trip to Soergel’s Fall Festival with Jut’s sister and the girls!
  • Pitt Football Games
  • Drink Hot Apple Cider
  • Bake…something…
  • Carve pumpkins – Just like every year, we bought them, but didn’t take the time to carve them. Maybe next year!
  • Eat a caramel apple – It wasn’t on a stick, but it tasted just as good :)
  • Bonfires – We sent out a last minute text to a few friends, and ended up with about 15 people here! It was a fun, low-key night
  • Decorate the house – I’m half scratching this off. I did hang a wreath, but I don’t have any other fall decorations, and we were trying to budget our spending after our big road trip!
  • Visit a Haunted House (or Park) We went to Kennywood Fright Nights with Maggie and Chris!
  • Watch Hocus Pocus – I was really hoping to watch this with Maggie, but we didn’t get a chance to. Again, hopefully next year!
  • Watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown We watched at Jut’s brother’s house on Halloween, but I only half-paid attention because my niece kept bringing me books to read to her!
  • Go Trick-Or-Treating with our nieces I didn’t actually go, but I’m counting this because Justin and his brother took our niece, while I handed out candy with my SIL.

Overall, I’m really happy with how we spent our season, and now I’m excited to ramp up winter with all things Christmas!!

Here’s my list for the winter:

  • Go to Soergel’s Snowflake Festival 
  • Lots of cozying up by the fire
  • Drink Hot Chocolate and find a new favorite Starbucks holiday drink
  • Hit the slopes on my new snowboard with Maggie!
  • Finish the scarf I started knitting months ago
  • Have a slumber party with our nieces
  • Ring in the New Year with friends
  • Find and read a book I can’t put down
  • Do a puzzle

And here are some Christmas Specific things I hope to do:

  • Go on Twelve Dates of Christmas
  • Go bigger with decorations than past years (read: MORE LIGHTS)
  • Read a stack of Christmas stories – more on this to come
  • Watch as much of the Family Channel’s 25 Days of Christmas as humanly possible
  • Watch my can’t miss list: A Charlie Brown Christmas, Serendipity, and Miracle on 34th Street
  • Go to a Festival of Lights (Anyone have good recommendations in Pittsburgh? We have previously done Hartwood Acres, Oglebay, and Kennywood)
  • Donate to an Angel Tree child
  • Go Caroling with our nieces girl scout troop
  • Drink egg nog

What’s on your list this winter?


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